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TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIZATION:                  Microsoft,          J2EE (Open Source),          IBM,          Oracle Applications,          SAP (HR and Payroll),          BI (Business Objects, Cognos, SAS, Oracle),          EDI (Mercator, BizTalk, webMethods, Web Services, IBM MQ, Gentran),          Infrastructure (Networking, Wireless, Monitoring, Web Hosting, Disaster Recovery).                                                                                                       CONSULTING:                  Project Management,          Quality,          Performance,          IV&V,          Operational,          Business Process   
Commitment To Quality
    Focus on Quality and Value

Quality is more than just a goal for us at e-Data, it is a mission. We are focused on delivering services that meet the highest standards of quality; services that should delight our customers as much as they exhilarate our customers. Quality is a way of life for us, and covers all our processes, interfaces and outputs, in management, core and support process. It is the way we deliver long term excellence, and ultimately, predictability of returns, through our Delivery Model. We have set up an independent team to help us achieve our mission.

Our Quality Process
Our quality culture is based on well-evolved process. The process followed collects a comprehensive repository of all departments, Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management processes.

The Quality Assurance Group ensures compliance with quality goals for all projects. It maintains and enhances the quality repository, based on experience gained from project implementations and benchmarking with international practices. Every project will have a Quality Advisor (QA) to ensure objectivity to quality goals. Each practice has a Quality Coordinator responsible for the process implementation and quality of the product for the practice.

We can predict cost, schedule, and defects based on past performance. This helps in assessing expected performance more accurately. We are also better equipped to handle requirement changes and manage risks, as we have defined processes to address these ambiguities. The process capability baseline, a part of our quality system, defines quality and productivity norms for processes. It also helps projects to predict performance along these dimensions.

Quality Policy
We are committed to creating satisfied customers by providing them with defect free products and services. We shall ensure quality by following well-defined processes, which are improved on a continual basis.

Quality Objectives - Company Level

  • We shall ensure a customer satisfaction rating of 9/10
  • We shall ensure that delivery schedules do not deviate by more than 10%
  • We shall ensure that after delivery the number of critical bugs is zero
  • We shall ensure atleast one process/product innovation every year
  • Quality Objectives - Process Level

  • We shall ensure that deviation from planned efforts for projects shall not exceed 10%
  • We shall ensure that the number of defects at the validation stage shall not be more than 10% of the defects at the verification stage
  • We shall ensure that all critical bugs reported by the customer shall be resolved within the next working day of receipt of the bug
  • We shall ensure that every employee attends atleast 5 man days of training per year
  • We shall ensure that atleast one improvement area is identified in every internal audit
  • Our people, our reputation and our values
    Our success at delivering quality services is underpinned by the consultative environment in which our people work. It sits at the heart of our recruitment programme, our promotion process, our training and development programmes, and our remuneration structure. Linking our people, their recognition and rewards to quality is integral in achieving our aim of delivering exceptional work.

    Our reputation is, in part, a direct result of our values and how we live them. They serve to guide us in providing our clients with technically excellent, innovative and practical solutions to their business issues, whilst remaining independent, objective and professional.

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