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TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIZATION:                  Microsoft,          J2EE (Open Source),          IBM,          Oracle Applications,          SAP (HR and Payroll),          BI (Business Objects, Cognos, SAS, Oracle),          EDI (Mercator, BizTalk, webMethods, Web Services, IBM MQ, Gentran),          Infrastructure (Networking, Wireless, Monitoring, Web Hosting, Disaster Recovery).                                                                                                       CONSULTING:                  Project Management,          Quality,          Performance,          IV&V,          Operational,          Business Process   
Process and Methodology
    Quality and Performance Driven Project Execution

Strong processes are the backbone of the Delivery Model. At e-Data, detailed, documented and time-tested processes drive all our activities and interfaces. Strong quality, performance and project management processes ensure excellence in delivery. Processes for managing talent ensure that your project gets the best and most motivated people. Our methodology utilizes a structured approach incorporating all of the functionality defined in PMI's PMBOK methodology.

The first step of any project is to gain a thorough understanding our client’s business, brand values and the project’s strategic objectives:

  • What is the business case for the investment?
  • What is the value proposition of our online channel of business?
  • What related marking strategies are in place?
  • What are the capabilities for online customer management?

Once we have an understanding of our client, the next step is a complete audit of the competitive marketplace: What successes can we adapt, what failures we can learn from, what opportunities exist. Having completed our initial analyses, we develop a strong creative vision to drive the project.

Initial Planning
In this initial project management phase, working with the client, the strategic objectives of the project will be determined and refined.
Deliverables: Document of objectives, success measurements, project plan, performance requirements and communication plan.

Requirement Analysis
User requirements and system requirement analysis will be conducted, during this phase outreach and communication strategy will be developed. Stakeholder presentation sessions will be conducted. Quality and risk mitigation plans are prepared.
Deliverables: User and system requirements, quality and risk mitigation plans, and updated project plan.

Design Architecture Development
Detailed design specifications are developed and a working prototype is developed. Focus groups and stakeholders will be presented with the prototype for review and comments. This involves testing functionality and navigation of the, testing responsiveness, updateability and server configuration, and to test for areas that may restrict future growth.
Deliverables: Detailed design, prototype site on staging server, outreach and communication plan, migration plan.

Coding and Implementation
At the end of this phase, the project is ready for final user acceptance testing. This testing is conducted under a range of conditions on the target platform.
Deliverables: Test plan and specifications, developed code, deployment environment.

Unit and Integration Testing
During this state the developed code will be unit and integration tested. Test results will be analyzed and refinement procedures will be followed. Performance tuning and testing will be conducted, Data migration plan will be prepared.
Deliverables: Unit and integration tested code, training and user guides, user test environment setup, data migration plan.

Client Side Evaluation
User/client acceptance will be conducted; results will be analyzed and fixed. User training is conducted and the data migration test run will be performed. At this stage the current system and the new system are run parallel to conduct the accuracy checks.
Deliverables: Acceptance tested code and package, user training and test data migration.

Release and Signoff
During this stage production system is cutoff and the production system data is migrated to the new system, all stakeholders will be communicated, production deployment based on the deployment documentation will be conducted. During the post deployment period, system will be monitored for performance and fine-tuning will be carried out based on the observations.
Deliverables: Deployment documents, production deployed application code.

Documentation Support and Knowledge Transfer
e-Data will provide support and training for key staff who will be responsible for authoring, updating and maintaining the site. This includes all technical documentation as well as system documentation.
Deliverables: Training sessions in administration software scheduled with key administration staff.

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