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TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIZATION:                  Microsoft,          J2EE (Open Source),          IBM,          Oracle Applications,          SAP (HR and Payroll),          BI (Business Objects, Cognos, SAS, Oracle),          EDI (Mercator, BizTalk, webMethods, Web Services, IBM MQ, Gentran),          Infrastructure (Networking, Wireless, Monitoring, Web Hosting, Disaster Recovery).                                                                                                       CONSULTING:                  Project Management,          Quality,          Performance,          IV&V,          Operational,          Business Process   
Energy & Utilities
    Improving operational effectiveness

Through our deep understanding of information technology and management services, appreciation of the business drivers of the industry, commitment to innovation and the delivery model, e-Data offers services to the Energy industry beyond the generic staff-augmentation services. Add to this, our commitment to quality and highly experienced staff, e-Data is ready to partner with you in addressing your challenges for the future.

  • Deep Domain Expertise: Experts who understand your business drivers
  • Long Standing Experience: Effective execution and engagement management
  • Technical & Process Excellence: Best-in-class services
  • Global Execution: Geographic ubiquity
  • The utility industry is undergoing deregulation and privatization, and the IT strategies are being refocused to meet the new set of needs. e-Data understands that the process of deregulation and a focus on technology are virtually inseparable. With this realization, our industry experts are constantly applying their intimate industry knowledge to providing cutting edge IT solutions to our clients in the utility industry.

    New regulations and the intensified use of information technology have rendered the traditional information systems inadequate to handle the new billing, metering, and other requirements. At the same time, regulatory agencies are forcing the trading partners to automate all their business transactions. This brings into picture the complexities of integrating a host of existing and new applications. With a partner like e-Data, our clients need no longer worry about the IT challenges arising from the deregulation process.

    The scope of solutions we have provided to clients in this industry includes:
  • IT strategy consultancy
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Billing
  • Asset Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
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