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TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIZATION:                  Microsoft,          J2EE (Open Source),          IBM,          Oracle Applications,          SAP (HR and Payroll),          BI (Business Objects, Cognos, SAS, Oracle),          EDI (Mercator, BizTalk, webMethods, Web Services, IBM MQ, Gentran),          Infrastructure (Networking, Wireless, Monitoring, Web Hosting, Disaster Recovery).                                                                                                       CONSULTING:                  Project Management,          Quality,          Performance,          IV&V,          Operational,          Business Process   
IT Staffing Team Services
    Individuals with skills that complement each others

Every project has unique requirements and manager is challenged with a requirement of staff more than a technical professional with specific skill set. e-Data Team Services allows its clients to specify all the requirements in one request and e-Data will select individuals with skills that complement each others.

In these exclusive engagements, we assemble a team with the exact blend of technical and domain skills, experience, and personalities it takes to successfully complete a project on time and under budget. As the single source provider, we make sure the rate uniformity and process efficiency, ultimately delivering multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one.

Now you can hire a team of technical professionals who can tackle those projects that your IT staff doesn't have time to do. The teams we deploy have enough experience to be able to take your lead and get the job done, while still reporting directly to you. Your e-Data team handles the execution.

Because you're in charge of all critical decisions you can monitor the costs, define procedures, and revise schedules and objectives throughout the life of the project. You have control over your project and the ability to have one single provider to assemble your team, based on your specifications, at a short notice.

e-Data recruits and employs technical professionals on the basis of both technical and omain skills. With Team Services, we take this a step further by hand selecting our high performers with your requested technical abilities and proven leadership and team skills. We identify individuals whose abilities, styles, and personalities complement one another for a dynamic that creates exceptional teamwork.

With a team assembled, we put them through a comprehensive on-boarding process that delivers the team to your job site administratively ready, fully briefed on your project, and capable of taking your direction and making things happen.

So you receive the cost benefits and efficiency of dealing with a single vendor and you enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled team without the high costs of outsourcing. All of which allows you to effectively leverage your ability to execute IT projects while keeping your full-time staff focused on your business objectives.

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